“Thanks so much for all the help and patience you had with us in building our new home on the Golf Course. We totally love the setting with all the big windows and great views. Mark really likes the spacious garages for his cars.”

-The Walthers

“We have purchased many homes and lived in many homes, but your home is the best constructed with minimal issues. We absolutely love it here in Troon North!”

-G. Harper

“After being in the home two weeks, I absolutely love it. Really appreciate the way you finished some of the final details. Love the painted chip garage floors, definitely Ferrari Certified!! Love the views high up in Ancala!!”

-J. Blackwood

“We are so happy with our new home, with views of Pinnacle Peak and our large backyard for the dogs, we could not be any more happy. This home is so large and spacious, now we just have to furnish it to the Max.”

-The Shelly’s

“Thanks so much for building our home in Desert Mountain. We knew it would not be easy with all the design review issues, plus, we know we were putting lots of pressure on you to get it finished.  But after we survived everything, we are very happy!”

-S. Appel